Blackgold BU-A & BU-B

Harvest Energy Blackgold Oil Sands Project
Conklin, AB

Plumbing rough in for two large industrial buildings

Expected Completion: 2013

CNRL Mine Maintenance Expansion

CNRL Horizon Oil Sands
Fort McMurray, AB

6 Bay industrial truck shop expansion

Completed: 2012

Albian Sands Truck Shop

Muskeg River Mine Site
Fort McMurray, AB

Industrial tire repair shop for oil sands.

Completed: 2009


1078 6TH Ave SW
Calgary, AB

West Tower:
23 storey 105 unit residential high rise

East Tower:
27 storey 124 unit residential high rise


The Marquis

1108 6th Ave SW
Calgary, AB

17 Storey 217 unit residential high rise

Completed: 2001

The Grandview

228 – 26th Ave SW
Calgary, AB

16 Story 56 unit luxury residential high rise

Completed: 2000

Other Projects

City Completion Date

Canada Customs

Edmonton 2003

Morgan House

Calgary 2002


Calgary, AB 1999